Sunday, March 4, 2012

NCAA Women's Big Ten Championship

I spent the past few days shooting the NCAA Women's basketball tournament here in Indianapolis. The first couple of days were filled shooting pretty bad and boring basketball but the championship did not disappoint. Purdue won in an exciting double overtime game against Nebraska.

NCAA Women's Big Ten Championship - Images by Chris Bergin

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Henryville, Indiana Tornado

As I set out to chase the predicted storms with my storm chase team (SWAT) yesterday we had no idea that we would see such damage from a storm. We got a late start on the day and just missed the storm that produced the Henryville Tornado. We heard about the damage there and we were very close so we took back roads into the town to see if we could help out and to document the damage (we had an EMT and medical kit with us). As we got into the town we could immediately see the impact of the storm. The high school and elementary school were completely destroyed, cars and school busses were flipped over everywhere you looked, homes were destroyed and countless trees and power lines littered the road. It was amazing that more people were not injured or killed in this town. Here are some images about an hour after the storm rolled through.

Henryville, Indiana Tornado - Images by Chris Bergin