Saturday, April 7, 2012

Religion: Jews and Black Christians reunite

Images I shot for a religion piece in the New York Times. An area near downtown Indianapolis, Indiana was once a vibrant area shared by black Christians and white Jews. In the 1960's the area started to decline and the people moved away. A local anthropology professor has found a way to bring the people back together once again... through the church.

Click HERE to view the article by Samuel Freedman

NYTimes_Religion - Images by Chris Bergin

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Indiana Basketball

Here are a few images from a story I photographed for the New York Times that ran Sunday March 24. The story focused on the Anderson Indiana basketball team and the former arena the Wigwam. This was the first season in 50 years that Anderson High School did not play in the 9,000-seat Wigwam due to high maintenance costs and falling attendance. Many local residents are angry that the Wigwam has closed and are reluctantly going to the renovated high school gym to watch the games.

Click Here to read the article by Craig Fehrman

Anderson Basketball - Images by Chris Bergin